What tests should I take with Gemor.in.ua?

To assess the digestive processes, to evaluate the qualitative composition, a special analysis of the feces is carried out, called a coprogram. This study allows you to determine the presence of extraneous content. With the help of a coprogram it is possible to carry out an analysis for latent blood. Normally, feces should not contain blood cells and excess mucus. Blood can indicate the bleeding of the lower intestine.

A significant amount of mucus can talk about the inflammatory process of the intestine. On the surface of the stool, there should also be no bleeding and excessive amounts of mucus. The presence of an elevated threshold of leukocytes also indicates inflammation in a certain intestinal tract. A single quantity is allowed. In the stool, red blood cells should not be present, their presence may be an indicator of Gemor.in.ua. Since hemorrhoidal symptoms differentiate with cancer, it follows by microscopic examination to exclude in the fecal masses the presence of atypical cells, they can indicate a tumor process.

How to properly prepare for the study

In order for the coprogram to show the correct result, you need to prepare for it. For 2 days before the analysis, to exclude from the diet products that can change the coloration of the contents of the intestine. It is necessary to refrain from tomatoes, beets and other coloring products. Abandon medications such as antibiotics, enzymes, iron. Women during menstruation should refrain from this analysis.

Blood test

In case of significant bleeding from the anus, the doctor can prescribe a general blood test to assess the effect of blood loss on the body, in particular the appearance of anemia. If the results show a decrease in hemoglobin, acceleration of ESR, a decrease in red blood cells, then this is an indicator of anemia.

Blood for examination is taken from the finger and handled in the morning on an empty stomach. Therefore, in the evening it is not recommended to eat and drink any drinks, except for water in small quantities. In the event that alcohol was taken, the analysis should be taken no sooner than 2 days later. Also it is necessary to exclude intensive physical activities, sports, visiting the sauna.

Colon biopsy

Sometimes a doctor can prescribe a histological examination, for this take a sample of mucosal tissue and under laboratory conditions, under a microscope examine it. This method of examination is called a biopsy, it is completely painless, performed when performing a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. A biopsy is prescribed for certain symptoms in order to exclude or reveal the tumor and as a differential diagnosis.

The sooner the Gemor.in.ua are revealed, the easier and faster it is to treat. Therefore, it is so important to diagnose it at the initial stage of the disease.

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