What can I do with Gemor.in.ua?

For patients with Gemor.in.ua, the place on which they sit is very important, especially for those patients who spend a fairly long time in a sitting position (at home, at work, etc.). It is important to know that the seat with Gemor.in.ua should be rigid or semi-rigid. This prevents the increased pressure on the inflamed Gemor.in.ua and reduces the burden on the venous system of the small pelvis.

Proctologists recommend the use of special orthopedic pillows for padding on the seat or an armchair with Gemor.in.ua (working and home). The peculiarity of the latter lies in a special hole (anatomical failure), which falls on the perineal region. This creates a suspended state of the coccyx and small pelvis, the patient sitting leans on the hips and pelvic bones, which protects the anus from excess pressure by body weight.

Such pillows should be used both in the acute period of the disease, and with a preventive purpose. Similar orthopedic structures are shown with both external and internal Gemor.in.ua. They are also used in the postoperative (recovery) period, when the sitting after a Gemor.in.ua operation should be performed without stress on the anal zone.

Such variations of the pillows have long proven themselves in other, far from proctological pathologies of conditions, namely, with pelvic injuries, or associated with the hip (or hip joint), in the postoperative period of gynecological operations and others. Such seats are shown to everyone who has a predisposition to the development of Gemor.in.ua.


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Pillow with Gemor.in.ua

Orthopedic pillows

Very convenient to use, usually have a pillowcase, stuffed with an environmentally friendly filler (usually buckwheat husks), the latter can have a rough basis, due to which the micro-massage of the contact area is carried out. Due to small particles, the pillow does not lose its shape.

Orthopedic design can have a different shape – a square (under an office chair) wedge or round, and there are variations for motorists (special cloaks on the chair).

The cushion in the form of a circle for sitting with Gemor.in.ua is used most often, and in common parlance it is called a “life circle”, since its outline is exactly the same as the means of escape on water. Specialized pillows are manufactured by various manufacturers.

Pillows have different sizes and are selected depending on the body weight of the person. Can be inflatable or made of foam rubber, polyurethane and other materials. Inflatables are additionally equipped with a pump, so that they can be independently adjusted depending on the body weight (especially useful for those who have a significant dynamics of weight gain, for example, pregnant women). Most often takes the form of a donut or a life buoy.

Application rules

It is very important to sit properly on the pillow or seat, so that the anal area is in the center. The base for the pillow (chair or armchair) should be rigid, otherwise the patient will fail and the pressure on the small pelvis will be the same as without the orthopedic pillow, that is, the application of the latter will not be of any use. Having created favorable conditions for the seat in the period of illness, one should not forget that it is necessary to get up from time to time (at least once an hour) and make a small walk or walk on the stairs (if there is such a possibility), this will avoid stagnation of venous blood in the organs of small pelvis.

It is important to understand that a pillow or any other orthopedic seat can not get rid of Gemor.in.ua, it only alleviates the symptoms, namely reduces the pain response, reducing contact with the chair or armchair. In addition to the pillow, it is necessary to fight with hypodynamia and excessive body weight (if this is the case), eat right and do not forget about the hygiene of the anorectal area.

It is also necessary to contact the doctor in time to the proctologist, in order not to start the disease and avoid the development of complications.

Armchair with Gemor.in.ua

While the matter has not reached the extreme, namely, exacerbation of Gemor.in.ua and the need to use an orthopedic pillow. A person who leads a sedentary lifestyle should take care of an armchair that will take care of the rider and reduce the negative factors that arise when sitting long with office workers or drivers. However, the wisely chosen chair can smooth the pain syndrome and with inflammation of Gemor.in.ua.

Sedentary work, which determines the way of life of a person, can not always be abandoned, no matter what verdict the proctologist made. Long stay in one position leads to stagnation in the pelvic organs. When choosing an office chair, you should pay special attention to this axiom. To avoid negative consequences, the chair must correspond to the owner in height and allow unhindered corners to be made.

Deep chairs must be rejected, as they do not allow to bend forward. The pose, thrown back, becomes the main and stiffened, which worsen the outflow of blood and will allow the Gemor.in.ua to form. The height seat is selected individually and should correspond to the patient’s height. Legs should be supported on the floor reliably and confidently. Minimum loading on the anal opening is desirable, the main weight of the body should be on the hips and sciatic nodes, which will serve as a barrier to the overheating of the anal area.

A rest chair for people with Gemor.in.ua or only with suspicion of Gemor.in.ua should not differ from a working chair, since soft varieties are unacceptable. The load that falls on the buttocks and the perineum, promotes overheating of the anal area, which can cause an increase in Gemor.in.ua. An armchair that does not allow air to openly circulate on all sides will also be an unsuccessful choice, which will lead to overheating of the problem area.

Massage chair and fitball

Massage chair can be useful. It basically serves to relax the back, but there are varieties that can massage the lower back and buttocks, which will reduce the pain with Gemor.in.ua.

You can try fitness balls with an unfixed center of gravity for prevention of Gemor.in.ua, where you can not only perform exercises, but also sit, doing the work. Such a ball will not allow you to be in one position, since you have to keep balance all the time. In this case, all muscle groups are included in the work, and the circulatory system of the pelvis is unloaded.

It is worth remembering that among the means for sitting, there is no miracle of armchairs capable of curing Gemor.in.ua. Prevention and treatment of Gemor.in.ua are impossible without physical exertion and optimal nutrition.

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